Special Scheme for Partial Suspension of Business

Important note (26/5/2020):


In cases of employers who submitted their application for Partial Suspension for the 2nd Phase, but due to errors in the data entered in Catalog A of the application, ie in the list of employers for whom the Special Unemployment Allowance is requested, they can contact the Ministry at yepka-aitiseis@mlsi.gov.cy, explaining the error and attaching the correct Catalog A to the relevant Excel Sheet that can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance announces that the application for the Special Scheme for Partial Suspension of Business (ΕΕΑ4) for the second period (13/4/2020 - 12/5/2020) has been posted and available for submission.

It is further reminded that the completion of the electronic Bank Account Information Submission Form (EEA6) is also necessary (if not submitted successfully during the first period).